Best Skybars in Hong Kong

If you follow TLE you will know I love Hong Kong! I lived there and enjoyed every moment this amazing city has to offer. Its multitude of skyscrapers offer some of the best places to drink in the city and we asked the guys from The Rooftop Guide to give us a rundown of their favourite bars in the city.

Here are there favourites.

SKYE at the Park Lane

The perfect place for some afternoon drinks, while enjoying a real premium view of Victoria Harbour and the Kowloon Skyline. This is a modern and quite luxurious rooftop where you can either settle down in some of the comfy lounges or at the really cool and big oval bar in the middle of the terrace. Just relax and enjoy theA tasty cocktails and the harmonious atmosphere.


Located in Taikoo, a little bit outside the city centre, on top of the East Hotel. Fantastic views overlooking Kowloon Bay and Koowloon Island. Since it is not smack middle in the city centre, at night you get a bit less of the neon-lights and a somewhat calmer look of the city, perfect for watching boats cruise along in the bay. Long terrace with both lounge sofas and bar tables, a wide selection of really nice cocktails and some yummy sharing platters if you are hungry. Usually there is also a DJ playing some soft tunes.

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A really luxurious rooftop bar, one of the fanciest in Hong Kong. The really large terrace goes in three directions across the building, and while giving a nice view of the water and the skyline the coolest thing here is the proximity to the surrounding high-rise buildings. This reminds you of just how small you are in comparison. Large menu with a wide selection, choose from tasty cocktails, afternoon tea, Asian food or why not some yummy desserts. But make sure to book in advance and dress for the occasion.

Ozone at the Ritz Carlton

Not only the highest rooftop bar in Hong Kong, but also in the world. Located on the 118th floor at an altitude of 480 meters, a visit to Ozone at the Ritz Carlton promises to really give you a bird’s view of the city. This stunning view is always on but if you can, try to book a table for the Sunday brunch. Not cheap, but free flow of Dom Pérignon, fantastic food, great atmosphere along with the amazing view makes it worth every Hong Kong dollar.


This is the place for great views of almost everything Hong Kong has to offer. You will see Victoria Harbour, Kowloon’s skyline, the mountains and (with the right timing) you might even catch a glimpse of a race at Happy Valley. The rooftop bar offers a really relaxed atmosphere, so perfect for ordering some drinks and some snacks and just sit for a couple of hours and enjoy all the views. And if you would get hungry there is a great steakhouse just one floor below.

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Here you get the best skyline view of the Hong Kong Island. The perfect time to visit is late afternoon, just before darkness falls. Then you can enjoy the sunset and watch as the city lights up in a really spectacular way. Eyebar is a high-quality seafood restaurant, and while you can’t eat on the terrace it is a perfect combo to start out with some drinks and enjoy the amazing views and then continue inside for a great dinner.

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