HiDEAWAY by JAMPA: Phuket’s Sustainable Culinary Sanctuary

When it comes to dining experiences that combine sustainability, culinary innovation, and a truly unique setting, Phuket’s HiDEAWAY by JAMPA delivers on all this. Tucked away in the PRU Jampa Organic Farm, this one-of-a-kind restaurant has earned the prestigious Michelin Green Star for its commitment to zero-waste cuisine. The Luxury Editor recently visited as guests of Luxtripper and Tourism Thailand. Read on to discover more.

A Hidden Culinary Hideaway in Phuket

Aptly named HiDEAWAY by JAMPA, this is the sister restaurant to fine dining restaurant Jampa, only open at weekends it offers a truly unique farm-to-table outdoor dining experience. Housed in a wooden open-walled barn located next to PRU Jampa Organic Farm lake, it is surrounded by lush greenery and acres of farmland which produces a vast proportion of the ingredients that are served in the restaurant and sister restaurant Jampa.

An open kitchen allows guests to see the food being prepared and the chefs will chat with you about the farm and food preparation, we were given a “behind-the-scenes” of how the fire pit stove works. The ambiance is relaxed and effortless, staff glide around with food, clearing tables and resetting as a gentle cooling breeze passes through the restaurant.

Sustainability at its Core

One of the standout features of Jampa is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. The restaurant’s team is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint in every way possible. This commitment extends beyond the dining experience to the entire Pru Jampa Organic Farm, which supplies a huge variety of fresh produce to Jampa, its sister restaurant Pru, and other dining outlets within the renowned Trisara hotel umbrella meaning it truly is farm-to-table.

Guests can also learn more about the farm through a farm tour which can be added to the dining experience, allowing guests to explore the surroundings and witness sustainable farming practices firsthand. These tours are an excellent prelude to the meal at Hideaway, offering a deeper understanding of where the ingredients come from and guests also have the option to their own ingredients to be used for lunch.

For guests staying in Phuket for an extended period of time and want to source sustainably, the farm hosts the Local Roots by Jampa community market, featuring produce from local farmers and hospitality providers.

Culinary Excellence

Jampa officially welcomed its first guests in November 2022, however, the journey of 30-year-old Executive Chef Rick Dingen with this project began much earlier, in June 2021. Rick, originally hailing from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, embarked on his culinary career at the tender age of 14. He initiated his culinary education in his hometown, and within two years, he relocated to Amsterdam.

When he turned 25, Rick ventured to Southeast Asia, where he joined forces with another Dutch chef, Henk Savelberg, at his renowned Bangkok restaurant, bearing his own name. Rick spent an enriching two-year tenure at Savelberg’s establishment before proceeding to Haoma, one of Bangkok’s foremost restaurants dedicated to the locavore culinary philosophy. Subsequently, he became part of the culinary team at the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.

Hideaway by Jampa’s four-course set menu is a showcase of Rick’s extensive training, expertise, and passion for “zero waste cuisine.” Dishes prioritise nutrition and natural flavours built around four courses with each course based around a food group – course one is fish, course two is vegetarian, course three is meat, and course four is sweet and each course comprises of three sharing plates.


The restaurant has a wide range of wines and spirits, however, we opted for a delicious mocktail.

Today’s Catch

For the first course, we had locally caught Squid, with rose apple and green harissa. Phetchaburi Oysters topped with Hua Hen Caviar and Sea Bass with turnip, gooseberry and avocado.

A Walk Around The Farm

For the second course, we had farm produce. A Jampa salad, Oyster mushrooms, with farm eggs (we even picked our own eggs) and Sourdough with eggplant.

Touched By Fire

For the third course we moved on to meat, and had Pork with sweet potatoes, green jalapeños and sour cream. The sweet potatoes had been cooking in the fire pit all morning and had a lovely smokey finish to them.

Seasonal Fruits of Phuket

We finished off with BBQ grilled pineapple from the farm with passion fruit sorbet.

A Dining Experience to Remember

As a Michelin Green Star recipient, Hideaway by Jampa is breaking boundaries and setting a new standard for sustainable, innovative, and luxurious dining in Phuket. Come for the food, stay for the experience, and leave with a greater appreciation for responsible dining practices, it doesn’t get much more farm-to-fork than this!

Hideaway at Jampa operates exclusively on Saturdays for lunch, accommodating no more than 20 guests per seating by reservation. The set menu at the time of writing is priced at 2,900 baht++ per person, while the menu changes frequently with product availability and seasonality.

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