Kinu Sevilla – Fine-Dining Japanese Restaurant In Seville With An Authentic Omakase Bar

Take a fresh look at Seville’s contemporary gastronomic scene and discover the city’s first Japanese restaurant with an authentic omakase bar. Kinu Sevilla brings sensational Japanese dining to Andalucia’s capital.

Part of Seville’s captivating charm is its resilient commitment to tradition, whether it’s Easter celebrations, the Spring Fair, Andalusian music festivals or the city’s on-going love affair with time-honoured recipes served in the historic restaurants and bars. Yet over the past decade I’ve seen this regional capital embrace innovation with the opening of more contemporary lifestyle hotels and the emergence of landmark international restaurants.


Kinu Sevilla is very much part of the pioneering energy in the city. This gastronomic Japanese restaurant would be equally at home in New York City or London, with its on-trend minimalist design, gastronomic Omakase bar and striking restaurant serving authentic cuisine.

Kinu Sevilla though is not just a homage to Japanese traditions, it also tales a contemporary perspective to each dish with a delicious mix of authentic Japanese ingredients with local produce.

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The Omakase experience is one to book ahead. Only 6 guests can share this personalised experience, where you leave dining decisions to the chef, who prepares each plate before you, inspired by the season. Although a familiar concept in many world cities, a genuine omakase experience is something new in Seville, and Kinu’s revolutionary spirit appears to be well-received by residents. During our visit guests were not the usual international tourists but predominantly locals enjoying a sensational dining experience of fresh flavours, original textures, and subtle aromas.

If the Omakase bar is fully booked, don’t despair as you might be in luck and like us, find a table available in the fine dining restaurant.

The menu is fairly easy to navigate, with a choice of raw dishes like sashimi including local premium almadraba tuna, a prawn tartare as well as sushi, including maki and nigiri using main tuna.  The ‘atatakai ryori’ hot dishes include tempting vegetarian dishes like the grilled mushrooms with white miso, a sando sandwich made with creamy egg, and prawn and elevated further with Attilus caviar. Look out for the exquisite, perfectly marbled Kagoshima A5 wagyu beef too.

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Tasting menu

Yet if you want to have an omakase-style experience, I can recommend the tasting menu or 9 plates that truly showcases the diversity and sophistication of Kinu Sevilla.

Beginning with a refreshing Kampachi Zukuri lemon fish, and the delicate Tamago kake Ebi, an exceptional dish with white prawns with a subtle smoky flavour from the grill. The dishes continue with Nigiri with two types of melts-in-the-mouth tuna, a superb Maki with eel, and a wonderfully satisfying Gyudon, a rice dish with a touch of local sherry, egg yolk and low-temperature cooked wagyu that just invites you to mix it up and indulge.

This innovative feast ends on a sweet note, with the ‘Kinumisu’, the restaurant’s homage to a tiramisu, here, made with organic Japanese matcha tea.

Each dish can be paired with clean crisp, yet velvety sake, and the experience is further enhanced by the beauty of the presentation and the handmade ceramics.


The cuisine of Kinu Sevilla is born of the talent of José Cerdá, known as ‘maestro Hoze’, and considered one of the most prestigious itamaes in Europe. The chef has his own his own omakase bar in Gothenburg, Sweden, and works hand in hand with Kinu as executive chef. Approximately once a month he visits Seville and leads the omakase bar.

La Bombonera Group, created in Seville in 2019, is a new hospitality business behind the creation of Kinu Sevilla. The pioneering group had already created ‘Islamorada Tapas Bar’, the ‘Gelateria

Mito’, an ice cream parlour, before the opening in June 2023 of Kinu Sevilla.

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