CoolRooms Hotel Palacio Villapanes – Sevilla – A City For All Seasons

Now more than ever is the time to intoxicate your senses in Andalucía’s capital!  Perceived wisdom suggests that during summer we should all head for Spain’s beaches. Yet that’s where the mass tourism is to be found. Instead, this summer I desire something authentic, magical, meaningful – so I’ve set the compass for Seville. Yes, inland the heat of southern Spain embraces you, but it’s a dry comforting feeling. Here you’re not a tourist, instead a traveller, discovering how to live like the Andalucians. Enjoy peaceful, cool mornings punctuated by the sound of church bells ringing, and then in the late afternoons and evenings you will discover the joy of authentic Southern Spain when the city emerges into total vibrancy!   Oh, and during the heat of the day? Well, relax and take a siesta in ultra-luxury at CoolRooms Palacio Villapanes Hotel of course!

This summer I enjoyed a taste of capital cool in Seville at this magnificent hotel.

Seville is remarkable – whether it is your first visit or you’re a local, this city will intoxicate your senses – with the sounds of cathedral bells and historic processions, or the laughter and chatter from street side cafés, the scent of orange trees, the warmth of the Andalucian sun, and the flavours of a thousand and one dishes that echo the customs and traditions of an exotic past.

This is a city break that rewards you with so much. And as a guest of CoolRooms Palacio Villapanes Hotel you could be staying in one of the most spectacular rooms in the Spanish kingdom. 

If you want palatial and you want it on-trend and, dare I say it again, ‘cool’ then Palacio Villapanes is offering it in spades. Hotels are my thing – I visit them, and I work with them – so when I get that buzz walking into a hotel room, that feeling of, ‘wow’ then I know this is something very special. That happened to me at CoolRooms Palacio Villapanes.

This is a taste of what 18th-century Andalucian nobility enjoyed – but with the 21st-century bonus of a great mattress, super-fast Wi-Fi, an Apple PC, and a bathroom that makes you want to just turn up the music and sink into a deep bath. 

After all, Seville is a city of palaces, churches, museums, and galleries. So, if you want to enjoy the magnificence of this historical capital, you need to stay in a palace!

The suites here are incredible. You are immersed in a sophisticated world of refinement, comfort and history that makes for a unique guest experience.

Afternoons can be spent sunbathing on the rooftop, refreshing oneself in the plunge pool and ordering a spritz or two to take the edge off the day.

Evenings in Seville are a delight. The air is dry, warm, and comfortable, making alfresco dining a dreamy experience. Here dinner is served in the patio, the place to be during a balmy evening, with the scent of orange blossom, whilst sipping a chilled glass of vino blanco. This is what summer is about!  The menu includes fresh, tasty summer dishes that celebrate Andalucía’s Mediterranean climate and produce.

The artichoke flower is so delicate and delicious, the steak tartare an indulgence, and the avocado cream with prawn tartare creative and unforgettable.

This is a place to escape the world, to connect with the destination and dare I say it, reconnect with ourselves. Well, good food, fine wine and a spectacular setting really make for the best antidote to life’s pressures.

Here it’s all about the details. When we sadly checked out, the valet brought our car to the door and handed us a bag of chilled water and refreshing wipes. That’s how to have a cool experience in Seville.

This property is included in our guide to the best hotels in Madrid.

Contact Details

Address: Calle Santiago, 31, 41003 Seville

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